Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink.

That is sometimes how it can feel in this era of contamination.

Bottled water for drinking, filters for the home, water softeners for showers…

Water is the most important element for our bodies to function properly. Dehydration can result in headaches, body cramping and generally malaise. It is crucial that humans and animals alike get enough water.


While living in Vegas I would take my dog Luna on runs with me. There was a park I would always cut through and it provided a water fountain. Yes, I drank from a public, outdoor, water fountain. Gross, right?

Alas, I live to tell the story.

Although I would go when the sun was at its least intense, the need to re hydrate was always still present. After only a short time, Luna learned how to gracefully place her front legs on the fountain as I would depress the button and she would lick the stream of water.

Knowing that mouth germs are species specific and that she never touched or slobbered on anything, I never gave the action a second thought, and we went about enjoying our running time together.

On one beautiful evening my husband joined us on our walk. As we entered the park, my dog, now out of habit, headed straight for the fountain. As she began to slurp the water a voice called out from the dark.

An elderly couple was sitting on the swings. The man, in an angry tone, yells “those fountains are made for humans!”
Gasp. I was taken aback. Nobody had ever been angry about this before?!?  Most people think it’s adorable!!

Without missing a beat, my husband replied “Those swings are made for children!”

What I thought was going to spur an argument or altercation actually did not.

The angry face of the old man suddenly neutralized. He didn’t know how to respond. He just grinned and replied “fair enough.” And we both went about our way.

Although it may not always feel like it (hello election season :-), I know I am lucky to be living in this great country where decent water can be found in numerous places at all times.

With that, maintain health pH levels by using high quality water filtration systems. Toxins can and do enter the body not just through the water we drink but by the water our skin absorbs. Here are some great options for water filters for the home and on the go!


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