It’s That Time of Year Again, Fatties.

So after completing the TLS  21-Day Challenge and having such   AMAZING RESULTS

Cholesterol went from 225 to 168 AND my waist circumference dropped by 2 inches –

I really wanted my dad to complete it too!

I figured I would start easy on him, with a few simple supplements, before starting him on the 21 Day Challenge.

So I sent him some Prime Joint Complex (you need this if your joints ache) and OPC3 (which also happens to be included in the 21 Day Challenge).

OPC3 is a powerful antioxidant which is important for your body because it neutralizes the free radicals – positively or negatively charged particles – in the body. These free radicals like to dive bomb your healthy cells and they particularly like the brain cells. This causes your healthy cells to be destroyed and over time can cause disorders like Alzheimers Disease.

Antioxidants can be found in all fruits and vegetables but with contemporary industrialized farming techniques and genetic modification, many of these nutrients are lost or denatured. This is why it is important to supplement PROPERLY.  You simply ARE NOT meeting the recommended daily allowances from diet alone. Period.

And if you are someone who thinks they are supplementing properly (maybe you’re popping Centrum or Fred Flinstone gummies?) here’s what I want you to do:

Go to the bathroom, lift the toilet lid, pour your money in and flush. Then GO HERE and read all about isotonic supplementation.

Now, back to trying to convince my dad why he should take supplements and eat better without threatening him with the old “I don’t want an old brain damaged man for a father, if in fact you even live long enough to be old in the first place!”

So I purchase the supplements and send them to NY. They arrive on time and as promised my father starts his new regimen.

About four days later I get a phone call:

  • DAD: Hey Kel these OPC’s, they were part of your cleanse right?
  • ME: Yes.
  • DAD: Ok, because I’ve been going to the bathroom a lot.
  • ME:  Yes, they do have that effect, especially when you’re already very toxic and taking a lot of prescription medications.
  • DAD: Well I’ve been taking these for a couple days now and I have to keep the window and the door open when I’m in the bathroom. Also, the fan is running and I think your mom is about to move out.

You can probably see where I get my sarcastic attitude.

I explained to my father that he should continue with the supplements and that this reaction is not unusual.  In the end however, he decided not to continue.

I should do a follow up with him…and my mom… I’d love to have both of them participate in the 21 Day Challenge. Hopefully sooner then later… 😉

As for me, I still cannot believe my results of this 3 week FOOD BASED cleanse.

  • My cholesterol dropped close to 60 points
  • My heart palpitations were eliminated
  • My heart burn – eliminated
  • Foliculitis Keratosis (skin bumps on the back of my arms) – YUP – Eliminated.
  • My system was Reset – I lost the bloat and boosted my metabolism.

In addition to my own personal victories, my clients saw tremendous results as well – losing between 15 and 40lbs, clearer skin, etc…


Most of us don’t realize just how AMAZING our bodies can feel because we are so used to feeling crappy all the time. You really can lose weight. You really can have more energy. You really can feel great AT ANY AGE.

Make this the year that you put in to action all of those things you’ve been promising to yourself. Grab your partner and do it together. Grab a friend! Or just grab yourself! 😉

It doesn’t matter HOW you do it. JUST DO IT!

When you purchase your kit, you will also receive a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with me prior to starting the cleanse. I will answer all your questions and offer extra tips. Also, you will be added to my private Facebook page dedicated only to those who participate in the challenge. This page serves as ongoing support, even after you’ve completed your 21 Days.

We will make sure your cleanse is a successful one! We’ll do it together!

Let me help you get there!  Order your kit NOW and let’s get started!






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