Vroom Vroom

As I sit here shoveling chocolate ice cream into my face while sipping on a glass of delicious red wine, something occurs to me. And what occurs to me is this;  you people REALLY need to eat more vegetables.

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a married woman. I am married to a car guy.

At one point in our marriage my husband was drinking way too much Mountain Dew. How much is “way too much,” you might wonder?  One can a day is way too much.  And this man of mine was downing about two to three CANS. PER. DAY. Not coincidentally, this was the same time in his life he was experiencing a lot of joint pain and discomfort. And for an ectomorph he was also putting on extra weight.

Anyone who has been married (or even cohabited with a person that possesses man-logic) understands that you can tell them they need to put down the can of chemicals and drink more water, but it is usually met with disregard and/or disdain (I mean, nobody wants to marry their mother, right?).  When we would eat dinner together I would tell him he needs to eat more vegetables and drink more water. But I simply was not getting through to him. Like at all.

So I decided to employ a bit more strategy in my approach.
One evening, after paying some bills, I walked into the living room where my husband was cozied up on the couch watching TV, his trusty Mountain Dew by his side.

I pretended to be financially stressed, in order to get his full attention. And thus my subtle manipulation began:

ME:  (In a breathy voice, high-pitched voice) Honey, do you think for maybe just a week you can fill your car with 87 octane?

HIM: What!? No way, my car will run like shit! (I smiled to myself – as this was just the response I expected)

ME: Oh but you’ll put Mountain Dew down your throat and think it has no effect on your body?

HIM: I thought you wanted me to use 87 octane to save money.

ME: Yup, that was the point.
This was met with silence. The sweet silence you rarely see in a marriage. The silence you get when the individual with whom you are disagreeing finally understands your point, thereby making you the “winner.”
Point made. Conversation over.

I am happy to report that my husband then found SinCity Crossfit and their amazing coaches. He has never looked back.  Now using exercise as his outlet for stress, a paleo diet (most of the time) and proper supplementation (OPC3, Multivitamin and TLS Shakes), he can easily stay on track. His body is looking (but more importantly feeling) its best.
I now use the car analogy with all of my clients. It seems to be very universally understood that when you put low grade gas in your car it does not run as well or as efficiently.  The human body is a machine. Give it crappy fuel full of refined sugars, preservatives and food-like substances and it will respond accordingly (usually by running inefficiently and getting sick, rundown/broken down).

Eat Clean, exercise daily, and if you feel like you want to cheat, go ahead. You will regret it and learn your lesson (Case in point. I couldn’t finish the ice cream because I felt like I was going to throw up. See, lesson learned).  Sometimes you may have to learn more then once. Its OK, your human after all.

I would like to point out that I did eat a chicken breast and string beans for dinner.

It’s called BALANCE people.

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