This won’t hurt. Much.

As a Massage Therapist it sometimes gets difficult to work in a room with no windows, dim light and lala music (see also; spa music). So oftentimes, after many hours of working in these difficult, air-conditioned conditions, I get a little batty (see also; bat shit crazy),  and I start making up stories when clients ask me questions.

They’re not lies! They’re made-up stories! Huge difference!

Aaaaaaanyway, it was a long day of work at the corporate spa in Las Vegas…

Enter Unsuspecting-John.

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent plus I can’t remember his real name but what I DO remember is that horrified expression on his face as I calmly explained to him what a stone massage was and all that it entailed I love run-on sentences.)

So, I grabbed Unsuspecting-John from the relaxation lounge of the men’s spa. I introduced myself, as I normally do, and shook his hand. We continued down the corridor to room 13. As we entered, he explained that his girlfriend signed him up for the stone massage because she loves them so much. And that he had no idea what a stone massage was.


ME:  Well, first of all, you’re going to get buck naked. Then you’ll hang your robe on the back of the door. Next, stand facing that wall, arms high overhead and legs spread wide. I will be over here, on the opposite side of the table and I’ll be chucking burning hot stones at your chakra centers. You know, head, groin, gut… This impact will break up any blockages in your energy channels thus allowing for a more free flow of chi.  And you might bleed.

HIM (scared and confused):  ummmm, and my girlfriend likes this?

ME:  Oh yes, people love this treatment! They pay extra!

Silence as the horror washes over Unsuspecting-Johns entire body

ME:  Nah, I’m just kiddin’. It’s been a long day, I got to keep myself entertained. Hop on the table.

More silence and confusion as Unsuspecting-John makes his way slowly to the table.

The Lesson Here Folks: Say anything with confidence and people will believe you. 😉

Okay, but seriously, what exactly is stone massage and what are the benefits?

It is believed by many cultures that all elements of the earth have their own vibrational energy.  Even science has proven that energy precedes matter and that it cannot be created or destroyed. By working the stones over the body they will help to balance your bodies own energy system. The stones will pick up energy in the areas where you have excess and drop off in the places where you are energy deficient. Individuals with a depleted energy system will literally “suck the life” out of the stones.


The stones can be heated in several ways and each method is personal preference to the therapist. We utilize the heat as a way to calm the mind/body/spirit. Heat relaxes the muscles and surrounding fascia while inducing a calming effect on the nervous system. The heat will also aid in increased blood flow throughout the body. I find the warm stones to be a perfect aid in my deep tissue massage to help warm the tissue up thoroughly, or on sensitive areas like the side of the neck.

After each treatment the stones are to be washed, cleansed and placed in a wood container and left under the moonlight to be recharged for their next treatment.

Whether you go with the eastern philosophy of balancing energy or the western thought of increased blood flow, a stone massage is definitely something that needs to be experienced at least one time before you decide if it is the right treatment for you.

And that’s the TRUTH! Peace.

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